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Talk without Limits!!

iSoftPhone Key Features

Free phone calls

Call for free to other iSoftPhone users.

Simple one-step configuration

Get talking to other iSoftPhone users
in seconds.

Crystal clear voice quality

Receiving you loud and clear!

Integrated with OS Address Book

Select a person you wish to talk with
from a single address book.

Call History

See all incoming and outgoing calls.

Unlimited VoIP providers

Enter the provided SIP address, phone number and password.

Closed private
telephone network

Setup a closed private telephone network by using the option to add multiple SIP providers.


Select codec from PCMU, PCMA, GSM, G.726-32 or auto-select.


Connect to multiple servers simultaneously.


Establish a call with more than one person.

Line status

Not active, ready, active, hold...

VPN Support

Correctly recognizes secure tunnel connection.