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Make FTP Simple

Captain FTP Key Features

Quick Connect

Get started quickly by connecting automatically to your favorite FTP site.

Accelerated Transfer

The transfer of large files is split into segments to vastly accelerate the transfer speed.

Address Book

Don't waste time searching for FTP sites. Create customized profiles for all your favorite sites, consisting of local Network users, Public FTP entries, Private FTP entries, that can be shared between authorised users.

Captain to Captain direct Transfer

Allow Captain FTP users to connect and share files directly between each other, particularly benefiting business users or groups of users, who can share their work securely, privately, and quickly.


When transfers are interrupted, there is no need to start from scratch, as CaptainFTP will continue from where the transfer stopped.

Tabbed Graphical Interface

Greatly improved FTP session management, supporting multiple FTP connections, by opening new tabs for each new FTP session, and open as many as is needed in a single browser window.


Transfer files safely by using encryption protocols for transfers such as SSL-FTP/SFTP.

Multiple Connections

Upload/download files to/from unlimited multiple hosts simultaneously.


Save time by automatically reconnecting to servers when the connection is broken.


Save time by automating, and scheduling file transfers using customized Apple scripts.

Transfer Manager

Manage transfers by prioritizing which files to transfer first, accelerate file transfers using segmented download, and view the status, and progress of all transfers.

Virtual Folders

Save time by creating virtual folders of your favorite sites on your desktop. Simply drap ‘n’ drop the file on the virtual folder to transfer it, or groups of files.

Folder Synchronization

Synchronize or mirror entire folders/directories between local and remote sites in either direction through the Visual Browser Module.